Judge the comfort of an in-ear headset, in the end what are the standards?

We often hear someone say that this headset is comfortable to wear. In fact, this is the highest evaluation of a headset.

According to Xiaobian experience, users want to give a headset product "comfortable" evaluation, then this headset in terms of sound from the interpretation of the visual senses, as well as the fit with the ear, etc., do Was very good. We have to know, giving a comfortable feeling, from the product from the inside out of the overall quality of the show.
Headphones as audio products, sound quality performance is the "comfort" of the primary criteria.
There are a lot of look on the market look pleasing headphones products, try to wear when the feeling is also more pleasing to the ears, but when the phone to play music, the transmission is harsh, blurred sound quality, this time to talk about "comfort" Like the sound of the sea, such as Sony and other international big reason why always won the hearts of people? It is because they do in the sound quality is always so good, the analysis of the sound, tri-band output, electro-acoustic technology research and innovation are always occupy the forefront of the industry. Now, take some of the domestic headset brand point of view, do not deny the sound quality has done a good product. Such as the charm of the smart card's brand, Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones on this category continue to force and innovation for the majority of headset users presented a lot of fresh products. We all know that the Bluetooth transmission compared to wired, portable loss of part of the sound requirements at the same time, the audio through multiple decoders, more or less to the sound caused some "taste", fortunately, with the continuous development of Bluetooth technology , Close to "HIFI" means lossless sound quality, Bluetooth transmission is also slowly achieved. The CSR8645 Bluetooth module incorporates the APT-X as a high-definition decoder chip for CD-level sound quality transmission. Perhaps, with the development and application of this technology, "Bluetooth without HIFI" theory is about to become history.
For in-ear headphones, with the ear canal fit, is the "comfort" of the direct standard.
From the physiological point of view, the characteristics of the ear, can be described as thousands of thousands of faces. There are no two identical ears in the world. From this point of view, those so-called ear set custom headphones, is a false proposition, just a propaganda rhetoric. A truly meaningful approach is to combine the physiological structure of human ear, combined with ergonomic design, and according to the general classification of the ear canal, with a variety of models of choice and accessories (such as ear), and the choice of human Of the material, as far as possible with different earphone users to match the ears.
Headset body weight, is an important criterion for "comfort".
Relative to the headset's hot feeling, ear-style headphones will also bring an unnatural "sense of hold", always feel the headphones will slide out from the ear canal. This is especially for the ear-style Bluetooth headset, it is more prominent. Then, to reduce the weight of the headphones to avoid headphones when wearing a sense of falling. In this regard, Xiao Bian had to praise the domestic headset brand Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, the overall body weight of only 15.5 grams, the weight of three 1 yuan coin, it can be said that if nothing, it is said that this An indicator to create the world's most: Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones is currently the world's lightest noise ear ear Bluetooth headset! Can you imagine that there is no burden on a headset, you still worry that it will fall off? Comfort is no doubt, arises spontaneously.
Quietly listening to the environment, is the impact of "comfort" an important factor.
Even if the sound quality of the headset itself is doing very well, if you are in a noisy environment to listen to songs, can imagine, bad mood, and talk about "comfort"? Perhaps this is the noise factor headset is currently a relatively hot factor. Good headset quality, have a good external environment, with each other in order to create a "very comfortable" music experience. Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones is a Bluetooth headset with active noise reduction, open noise reduction (ANC) mode, your world suddenly quiet many, the surrounding noise, especially low-frequency steady-state noise disappeared without a trace, with you Most of the sound of dialogue, only from the wonderful music echo.
Also, a good portable experience, but also "comfort" of the sub-items.
Speaking of Bluetooth headset, of course, will talk about the issue of life, especially to join the active noise reduction chip, battery life problems more obvious. If a headset other aspects are doing very well, you can not give the battery power, life problems are poor, I think this will give the headset users to bring a very bad experience. In order to solve the problem of battery life, to eliminate the user's concerns about the battery life,Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones in this piece to do a lot of intentions and very creative design: If you want to ensure that the way to charge the portable, using OTG charging (only a small amount of Of the phone power, with the phone to the headset charge) and magnetic adsorption charging box design, and, carbazole research and development team is still on the issue of continuous innovation on the new program, I believe that soon have a better user experience design and application, Let "Bluetooth life" this illness into history.
In summary, "comfort" is a headset integrated impression and experience. Comfort is the most important criterion for an in-ear style earphone. In addition to the comfort of wearing, the more important internal music literacy and the combined performance of the external environment's ability to intervene. Only at the same time to meet the above many standards of in-ear headphones products, be regarded as a true sense of the comfortable headphones. Xiaobian thought, Meidong HE8 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, compared to several standards, can be assessed, is a highly comfortable headset products, it is recommended.



What does music mean in the end?

Recently, a study shows that the work tasks that need highly cognitive , most of them complete the best in the silent environment , any sound, including the wonderful music will form interference.

Previously, a study of the 1980s, subjects were asked from large to small numbers, they can choose to listen to their favorite music - or passionate, or soft, you can choose nothing to listen to. The results show that people who listen to passionate music the worst performance, what people do not listen to the best performance.
At the same time, other experiments show that the lyrics of the song for the completion of the use of language tasks (such as reading, writing) interference; a large number of variations of music also affect the efficiency, even if people like to listen.

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