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Limited time/Save $26/ NEW must-have soundbar for your home

Cowin E-7 review - Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Bluetooth headphones - ...

A review about COWIN DIDA : Decent portable Alex enabled speaker

We already have a first generation Echo and an Alexa powered alarm clock (the Vobot) and wanted to add another device, and it came down to either a new generation echo or this one - in the end the fact that this is battery powered and therefore portable was the clincher and we decided that portability was more important so we can move it from room to room, and particularly use it in our bathroom where's there's no plug sockets. The first that became apparent is that it's a lot smaller than I imagined - from the photos on here I expected it to have the same form-factor as an Echo, but that's not the case and this is far smaller and noway near as tall. On to sound quality then, and the Cowin sounds pretty decent. I've been a bit spoilt by the Doss Soundbox XL which is our main Bluetooth speaker and a real beast, and this was never going to be able to compete with that, but it's a lot more portable than that one is. There's a decent kick to the bass and all t…

Carry the line, listening to heart | COWIN 6110 bluetooth speaker's first Experience

Daily life, portable headphones can enjoy the music of a person's time. The portable speakers are shared with the spirit of sharing good music .

Portable Speaker, there are many application scenarios. For example, the family can take it outing, portable speaker can be extended speakers  when driving, it can be bedside at home,speakers are free to move in kitchen room, and even aunt can bring it who go out to square dance.
COWIN recently introduced a portable speaker product - COWIN 6110 metal Bluetooth speaker.

Metal shell material, pure black color, compact body, give a short lean feeling.

Although it has a small body, but the inner can not be underestimated. Superb design allows you to enjoy a stronger sense of visual impact, advanced Bluetooth connectivity technology to provide you with a more smooth music channel.
Perfect sound quality and bass to help you enjoy the melody of the music world. Lightweight metal surface allows you to listen to music anytime, anywhere.

This ultra compa…

Water Music Wizard - cowin SWIMMER Bluetooth Card Speaker

cowin SWIMMER, from meidong of a unique smart Bluetooth speakers, IPX7 waterproof design, Colorful LED flirting, support for Bluetooth + card (TF card), the following, and  together to see the TA by the interpretation of the A story about music and water.

cowin SWIMMER Bluetooth speakers, the reason why the outdoor can also release the surging power, from it using a 70mm full-range aluminum iron boron speaker unit, equipped with three large-size bass passive cone, high-profile configuration, so that it has excellent The sound performance.

Why do we need active noise cancelling headphones?

This era has been inseparable from the music, and the pursuit of music quality is also gradually improved. So, noise cancelling headphones came into being.
As for the function and use, noise cancelling headset is a very good product, it have a very good health care for people's hearing, and even physical and mental health . It can effectively reduce the external noise, and give us a quiet world. Especially in the aircraft, subway, bus and other more polluting environment, it is the most suitable for using noise reduction headphones.

Of course, in addition to the above mentioned scenes, we will also use noise cancelling headphones in our daily lives . For example, editor who is now facing the computer screen and code word, ears often wear a noise cancelling headphones. The reason is simple, codeing article in an open environment , I need a relatively quiet environment in order to better focus and thoughts, work efficiency can be improved. Noise cancelling headphones in this area c…

From inside to outside, compact and full—COWIN 6110 Bluetooth Speakers

Today, this Bluetooth speaker, from the inside out, so I suddenly have a good impression: classic deep black body, metal texture, compact design is not empty, seamless, Bluetooth connection is very fast, sound performance is remarkable Point, bass part even better than the traditional multimedia subwoofer, in similar products is very prominent. Thanks to the charm of intelligent deep meidong-acoustic technology reserves and innovation, this cowin6110 Bluetooth speakers with independent research and development of low-impedance high-efficiency amplifier chip, equipped with two 45mm active three-dimensional full-range speaker unit with two A bass passive radiant pots stereo combination, tri-band performance balance, vocal mellow, bass dive strong, for 20HZ ~ 20KHZ frequency response range, have a good music restore ability. cowin6110 Bluetooth speaker body length of 180mm, width 55.2mm, high 55.8mm, compact, portable. Indoor and outdoor use are very convenient, coupled with the metal b…

$69.95 COWIN E-7 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones! Review and Unbox...


Mighty rock 6110 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker | Life just started sounding better

Mighty Rock 6110 Speakers,Strong Aluminum-Alloy Shell, Bluetooth 4.1, 12 Hours Playtime, TF Card Support, Take your sound with you everywhere.built with a soft silicone exterior and an aluminum-alloy shell. The aluminum-alloy shell is high tenacity, tough hardness which can resist to the scratches, drops, and bumps of everyday use. With the 16 watts output power and Dual acoustic drivers, the Mighty Rock 6110 bluetooth speaker create rich deep bass, crystal clear midrange, smooth treble.Wherever life takes you, experience your music with powerful stereo sound, crisp, Excellence bass and volume for the music you loved. The columnar shape and ultra portable size make this speaker easy to carry it whether you're lounging around the house, or walking out. . Just attach it to your backpack and never come off! Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12 hours playtime or directly play music using the TF card, let you enjoy music at anytime anywhere.
the Mighty Rock 6110 blue…

Live interview cowin bluetooth noise cancelling headphone

cowin product / 2017 Shenzhen International e-commerce Expo

Cowin HE8 Noise cancelling headphone make your journey more comfortable

Today,  why are you accustomed to choose headphones  with noise cancelling function when we travel?
Noise cancelling headphones eliminate the noise outside of life, bringing the quiet to the mind.  On the way to work of the subway, wearing a noise cancelling headset,not only isolated the roar of the engine, but also leave their own life in the run away, as if come into another world. In which there is no noise, no pressure,and let me temporarily forget those troubles.
"I am very fond of this feeling that noise cancelling headphones bring me , let me relax myself in the busy life." This is a lot of  users voice of noise cancelling headset.
As a creative person who produces countless ghosts every day, a quiet creative environment is very important. With noise cancelling headphones,calm down to work better, do not hear the twitter between colleagues, more importantly, will not be the most dramatic drama. To enjoy the music better, an absolutely quiet environment is needed . Be…

Judge the comfort of an in-ear headset, in the end what are the standards?

We often hear someone say that this headset is comfortable to wear. In fact, this is the highest evaluation of a headset.
According to Xiaobian experience, users want to give a headset product "comfortable" evaluation, then this headset in terms of sound from the interpretation of the visual senses, as well as the fit with the ear, etc., do Was very good. We have to know, giving a comfortable feeling, from the product from the inside out of the overall quality of the show. Headphones as audio products, sound quality performance is the "comfort" of the primary criteria. There are a lot of look on the market look pleasing headphones products, try to wear when the feeling is also more pleasing to the ears, but when the phone to play music, the transmission is harsh, blurred sound quality, this time to talk about "comfort" Like the sound of the sea, such as Sony and other international big reason why always won the hearts of people? It is because they do in t…

Headphones for life

From the initial military communications equipment  to now all the streets are used in listening to the artifact, the definition of headphones has long been earth-shaking changes during a hundred years. From the stupid and heavy hand-held headphones, to today's free wireless headset,what changes  have headphones experienced ? Today, we come to talk about the life of the past lives.
1)The earliest headphones, have no matter with listening to songs simply. At the end of the 19th century, telecom operators invented the world's earliest headphones, but not for you to listen to songs, mostly for communications, military fields.
2)Headphone was originally used to listen to opera. With the development of cable technology, people no longer were satisfied to go to the opera house to listensing to songs, so someone invented the headphones that can monitor the opera sound, with this stuff, you can listen to opera at home!
3)Dynamic Telephone - the true sense of the originator headphones. I…